Now available for freelance. Say howdy!

Who or what is a demafleez you ask? What if I told you that it was kind of nickname given to me by someone in high school after having butchered the pronunciation of my last name?  It happens, still. No biggie, let’s just roll with it, yeah?

For the record, my name is Alan Demafiles. It kinda rhymes with metropolis.

But what you really should know is that I’m a 3D animation generalist skilled in modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering.  I suffer from projection mapping tendencies along with a healthy affinity for motion graphics, visual effects and editing. I’ve had the privilege of working for the likes of Samsung, MTV, Ford, Wal-Mart, The Tonight Show, iHeartRadio, DirectTV, Vans Warped Tour & The Black Eyed Peas among others. I call Texas home.

Liking what you’ve seen around this place? Have some questions or comments?  Or maybe you have cookies of the oatmeal chocolate chip variety you’d like to share. In any case, drop me a line !




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