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Vectorizer Pro Quicklook

A brief walkthru to generate outlines from images, movies or shaders in Cinema4D along with a few example techniques. You can find Vectorizer Pro along with several other excellent Cinema4D plugins at:

A grab bag of Cinema4D tips #1

Just a little collection of various tip & tricks originating from some questions posted on twitter. In this grab bag: • learn a way to animate an object moving across the surface of another object (0:42) • learn several
c4d_tip keyframes

Increase keyframe visibility

Super simple, two-step process to make keyframes a bit more legible in the powerslider timeline.   1.Right Click the powerslider and select OPTIONS: ‘advanced mode’ 2. change keyframe color in preferences.  
99 passes


So for Day 30 of my Cinema4D everyday venture, I came up with this thing: A few people had asked for a wallpaper version so I made a few resolutions for your digital devices. Download below! demafleez_99Passes_iphone5_640x1136 demafleez_99Passes_ipad_768x1024

RIP old tech

So back in 2007, my wife bought an iMac to replace her dying HP laptop that she was using for work. She had recently quit her gig and was shooting a lot more pictures. Since she moved on from

Joints and weights -adding to an existing rig

Please watch part 1 “Rigging a character with an undulating tail” found here: In this follow up tutorial, we’ll walk through how to add joints to an existing rig and cover a few ways to weight the new



Fink- Perfect Darkness

I recently got turned onto Fink and it’s been on repeat over the last few nights. Really good vibes for the late night shift. Apparently he was formerly in the electronica scene before jumping ship to singer/songwriter mode. I’ll

Blank 3D T-shirt

Here’s a free blank 3D T-shirt for use in your design/logo mockups! Built in Cinema 4D, this scene file has normal maps and a Photoshop template for you to drop in your artwork. Render your design from any angle.

You lookin at me?!

You lookin at me?!, a photo by demafleezy on Flickr.