Twitter user @djlukasz asked if I had ever made anything like this breaking ground effect as shown in this video:

While I’ve shattered & crumble a few buildings, I can’t honestly say I’ve done the ground shatter effect before. I’m sure there are many tutorials & different techniques on it so I figured I’d give it a spin without looking at the “answers”. Most of the time was spent adjusting the settings in the mass & force tabs of the dynamics tag and firing off various test renders to dial in the shatter play.

I did go back a few times to tweak the geometry used to break the ground and I found its shape has a pretty big impact on how the upheaval of chunks behaved.

I encourage you to build it from scratch first and reverse ninjaneer it yourself! It really is a great way learn. This was just my quick take on this effect and the scene file is available below for you to dissect. You can find the texture used for the ground and a plethora of others over with the good folks at Nitro4d’s excellent NitroBlast handled the geometry shattering and can be found here: 

Hope you find this useful. Holler below with any questions if you have any and feel free to share your technique to this effect!