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So for Day 30 of my Cinema4D everyday venture, I came up with this thing: A few people had asked for a wallpaper version so I made a few resolutions for your digital devices. Download below! demafleez_99Passes_iphone5_640x1136 demafleez_99Passes_ipad_768x1024

Blank 3D T-shirt

Here’s a free blank 3D T-shirt for use in your design/logo mockups! Built in Cinema 4D, this scene file has normal maps and a Photoshop template for you to drop in your artwork. Render your design from any angle.

A crash course in rigging

Here’s a quick tutorial on rigging basics with a character’s undulating tail as the end goal. Below is the scene file with the alien character rigged and unrigged for you guys to practice and dissect! undulatingTailRig.c4d

Breaking Ground

Twitter user @djlukasz asked if I had ever made anything like this breaking ground effect as shown in this video: While I’ve shattered & crumble a few buildings, I can’t honestly say I’ve done the ground shatter effect

Cinema4D icons for OSX

I put together some Mac OSX icons for the different versions of Cinema4D and colored them differently so that it’d be faster to pinpoint each at a glance. Hope you find em useful! Link below: Cinema4D icons for Mac

After Effects CC splash screen recreation

So Adobe CC is finally released. After Effects CC includes Maxon Cinema4d lite and Cineware, which means you can easily recreate the splash screen from within after effects. Just because. If you’re new to C4D, here’s the scene file

Rigged Low Poly Santa & Rudolph

For the community that freely gave when I was getting my learn on…. This low poly Santa and Rudolph scene is my little Christmas gift to the Cinema4D community who has graciously and generously nurtured my 3D journey. Modeled