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Cinema4d Tutorial: How to create a running crowd

Learn how to create a running crowd using Maxon Cinema 4D, Insydium X-Particles and Adobe Mixamo.

A Grab Bag of C4D tips #2

Another collection of Cinema4D tips and tricks In this grab bag: • Versatile Animation Loops • Animation Mode: what is it? why should I use it? • Reduced Modification Mode: easier animation tweaking Follow me on twitter @demafleez with

Mac to PC switcheroo

I had been kicking around the idea of moving back over to the PC world this past year after the introduction of the new trash can Mac Pro was introduced. Like many others, I felt that it was too

quicktip: show polygon normals

Sometimes you have an imported object that just doesn’t shade properly, some seemingly strange artifacting where some edges are wacky. Or you’ve run an optimize that may have inadvertently welded a few points together because they were within the

figure objects as real scale reference

There are a number of advantages to building a scene to real world scale, notably more predictable depth of field, dynamic simulations and lighting. It can generally add to the overall photorealism of a shot. To help aid in

Vectorizer Pro Quicklook

A brief walkthru to generate outlines from images, movies or shaders in Cinema4D along with a few example techniques. You can find Vectorizer Pro along with several other excellent Cinema4D plugins at:

A grab bag of Cinema4D tips #1

Just a little collection of various tip & tricks originating from some questions posted on twitter. In this grab bag: • learn a way to animate an object moving across the surface of another object (0:42) • learn several

Increase keyframe visibility

Super simple, two-step process to make keyframes a bit more legible in the powerslider timeline.   1.Right Click the powerslider and select OPTIONS: ‘advanced mode’ 2. change keyframe color in preferences.  

Joints and weights -adding to an existing rig

Please watch part 1 “Rigging a character with an undulating tail” found here: In this follow up tutorial, we’ll walk through how to add joints to an existing rig and cover a few ways to weight the new

Easy unit conversions

Cinema4D’s Attribute Manager does many a cool thing including calculating some math in the parameters. It can even do unit conversions as well! If you are working your scene in centimeters and need to input something as a value