So a few have asked about my default layout and color scheme. It’s basically fit for a one monitor setup with a few collapsed menus that I’ll pop up as needed, notably the full timeline at the bottom and a second Object Manager below the main one (Why would you want two Object Managers?) The powerslider is at the top since a lot of time is spent at the upper portion of the screen, going thru menus and shelf buttons so I figured the powerslider can go up there too.


Also, the way my tablet sits on my desk, my arm is at a more natural rested state when at the upper portion of the tablet and less comfortable when at the bottom of the tablet so that probably dictated a lot of it too.

The colors are a total rip off of Maya’s color scheme. Selected objects are a bright green. Selected components are yellow, selection previews are a nice bright red. Also bright red are the keyframes in the powerslider for easier visibility. I know some aren’t big fans of the viewport gradient in either app, but in Maya it clicked with me so I stole that too.


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.39.24 PMThere’s three orange buttons at the top right which toggle between my default, UV editing/bodypaint mode and my large animation layouts. I found it was easier to spatially toggle among the different layouts as buttons rather than slowly digging thru a cluttered list.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.04.02 AM




Here’s a great thread at that covers the scripting needed to make your own hotkeys for layouts. Then you can make your own nifty icons for em too.

I tried my best to maintain a common tool set up at the top when switching among my three most used layouts. Here are previews for the paint and fullscreen animation layouts (click images to enlarge). The animation layouts (both full and the mini one in the startup layout) have the ‘create snapshot’ and ‘view snapshot’ buttons included. Here’s why those are useful (@3:00)

demafleez_PaintLayout demafleez_AnimateLayout copy

The link below is a zip file containing:





You can place all 4  in the ‘prefs’ folder of your Cinema4D preferences folder (you can hit command E to bring up the preferences window in C4D and at the bottom left, a button will open the preferences folder in your OS.) Once you’ve placed the files there, restart C4D and you’ll have the colors and my goofy layouts!


demafleez C4D layout & color